Business Directory


Housing & Care

Name: Clarkfield Care Center
Business Type: Care Center & Assisted Living
Address: 805 5th Street
Phone: (320) 669-7561
Web Address: Clarkfield Care

Name: Clarkfield EDA Apartments
Business Type: Rental Property
Address: 812 10th Avenue, Suite 1
Phone: (320) 669-4435
Web Address: Clarkfield EDA

Name: Valhalla Apartments
Business Type: Senior Living & Income Based Living 
Address: 1012 12th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4648
Web Address: Valhalla


Name: Dollar General
Business Type: Retail Store
Address: 1218 11th Avenue
Phone: (320) 289-9020

Name: Consumer's Cooperative Oil Company - Cenex
Business Type: Fuel, Service Center, & Convenience Store
Address: 1218 10th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4426

Name: Clarkfield Outdoors Inc.
Business Type: Outdoor Attire & Supplies - Wholesale & Retail
Address: 1032 10th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-7140
Web Address: Clarkfield Outdoors

Name: Clarkfield ACE Hardware
Business Type: Hardware Store
Address: 908 10th Street
Phone: (320) 381-0096

Name: Collision Pros & Glass
Business Type: Autobody
Address: 319 13th Street
Phone: (320) 669-4900

Name: Oasis Thrift Store
Business Type: Used Merchandise & Apparel
Address: 920 10th Street
Phone: (507)-637-7507

Name: Larson Drug
Business Type: Pharmacy & Gifts
Address: 941 10th Street
Phone: (320) 669-4621

Business Type: Bank
Address: 940 10th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4431

Name: US Consolidated Farm Service Agency
Business Type: Farm Service Agency
Address: 1000 10th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4492
Web Address: USDA

Name: Jerry's Bar & Grill
Business Type: Off Sale, Bar, & Food
Address: 919 13th Street
Phone: (320) 669-4415

Name: Gniffke Agency
Business Type: Crop Insurance
Address: 1033 10th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-7463

Name: Handeland Chiropractic
Business Type: Chiropractic Care
Address: 920 10th Street, Suite 7 - In Diamond Mall
Phone: (320) 669-1980
Web Address: Handeland Chiropractic

Name: The Ink Spot
Business Type: Printing & Copying
Address: 920 10th Street - In Diamond Mall
Phone: (320) 669-7655
Web Address: Ink Spot

Name: Clarkfield One Stop
Business Type: Fuel, Convenience, & Pizza
Address: 1005 13th Street
Phone: (320) 669-4961
Web Address: Clarkfield One Stop

Name: Lynner Funeral Home
Business Type: Funeral Services
Address: 11th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4416
Web Address: JH Lynner Co

Name: Lynner Furniture Store
Business Type: Furniture Store
Address: 1012 10th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4416
Web Address:

Name: Miller Equipment
Business Type: Machinery Repair
Address: 1519 13th Street
Phone: (320) 669-4628

Name: Prairie Grain Partners, LLC
Business Type: Elevator
Address: 1220 Prairie Grain Road
Phone: (320) 669-7577
Web Address: PGP

Name: Schlenner Agency
Business Type: Insurance & Real Estate
Address: 1024 10th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4466
Web Address: Schlenner Agency

Name: SCS Plumbing & Heating LLC
Business Type: Plumbing & Air Conditioning/Heating Units 
Address: 920 10th Street - In Diamond Mall
Phone: (218) 251-8827 

Name: University of Minnesota Extension Office - Yellow Medicine County 
Business Type: Education & Research Outreach
Address: 1004 10th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4471
Web Address: U of M Extension

Name: United States Postal Service
Business Type: Post Office
Address: 1043 10th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4807

Name: Yellow Medicine County Planning & Zoning
Business Type: Planning & Zoning
Address: 1000 10th Avenue, Suite 2
Phone: (320) 669-7524
Web Address: Planning & Zoning

Name: Yellow Medicine County Soil & Water Conservation
Business Type: Conservation Office
Address: 1000 10th Avenue, Suite 3
Phone: (320) 669-4442
Web Address: YMC SWCD



Name: Clarkfield Lutheran Church
Address: 1000 15th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4839
Web Address: Clarkfield Lutheran
Service: Sunday 10:15AM

Name: Augustana Lutheran Church
Address: 921 11th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4645
Web Address: Healing Waters
Service: Sunday 10:30AM & Wednesday 7:00PM

Name: Clarkfield Assembly of God
Address: 1213 13th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4651
Service: Sunday 9:00AM

Name: El Buen Samaritano
Address: 1415 12th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-1430
Service: Sunday 10:00AM, Thursday Prayer, Wednesday Bible Study 7:00PM

Name: New Life Church
Address: 605 9th Avenue
Phone: (320) 669-4777
Web Address: New Life
Service: Sunday 10:00AM